Hey! I’m Taylor and I’m so excited to begin my journey of doing nails professionally. I grew up always needing to create, and before I discovered my love of ceramics that often came out in the form of nails. I would spend hours every night after school doing my nails, just to take them off and redo them the next day so I could try something new. 

I moved to Utah from San Diego after graduating high school. I studied fine arts at BYU where I got to really blossom creatively. My emphasis and first love is ceramics, but I also have come to love other mediums like photography, sculpture, and videography. I especially love getting to combine all these mediums. If you want to check out my artwork visit @classyclaybytay on Instagram or www.taylorlangston.com

After graduating college, I worked in a dental lab for several years where I painted teeth. While it was a unique job, it lacked the creative freedom I discovered I desperately need in order to be okay in life. This was what pushed me to pursue doing nails and though it has been difficult at times starting out, I feel so much more fulfilled every day getting to create and make people feel good! 

Aside from that, I love getting to be outdoors, go boating, snow ski, spend time with my family and my mini bernedoodle named Millie, go to movies, concerts, and eat lots of sugary treats. 

I can’t wait to hopefully meet you and make your nails a work of art! Book with me either at my square site


or message me on Instagram @lacquerbylangston

Looking forward to meeting you!